What is it that the next time you pick up your guitar/bass/whatever, what are you going to play first? Whether it be noodling around scales, a cover song, or a few licks.

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I ran into some fingering issues. I can get it up to speed the way I've been fingering it, but I'm wondering if you guys have any better ideas, because it seems like there should be an easier way to finger this.

Don't worry there is Roc, there is
probably the damn solo for duncan hills coffee that i've been trying to learn and play to speed for 3 days.
the epic fill in from Buddy Holly by Weezer
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The riff that occurs just before the first verse in Revelation by The Autumn Offering.
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uhm.. ive been playing God Save the Queen by the Pistols a lot for no real reason : \

and whatadrag i love your siggy
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seems like every time i pick up my guitar the last couple of days the first thing that comes out of my amp is the main riff to Rendez-Voodoo by Every Time I Die, catchy, classy and just an awesome tune
probably gonna practice my sweeps or play call of ktulu

gonna go get started on that right now!
That one little part in Dueling Banjos. If I'm not doing anything, I'll just start playing it over and over again and not even realize it.
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The last 5 songs of the Paradise Lost album by Symphony X.

It's killer.
Strange Brew by Cream

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well, i just played superconnected by broken social scene. does that count?
I dont think its very much of your business sir, Id like to keep my business and personal life separate.
rock you like a hurricane.. trying to get the runs down, but the chords sound so good
Random stuff, I'm currently working on writing new riffs for my band, which kind of sucks since currently I'm feeling oddly uncreative
Well, after the Paranoid warmup, I'll probably go into the same riffs I've been playing for the past 2 months: The main riffs in Burzum's "War", Judas Priest's "Breakin' The Law", Ozzy's "Crazy Train", and the opening riff to Yngwie's "Far Beyond The Sun". Then I'll mess around and play some old Offspring.

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the start of killing in the name of i love
its so simple, yet so powerfull with a band
played it today. was great
Heroin-Velvet Underground. It's so simple, but playing it gives me such a rush.

That or, In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth-Coheed And Cambria.
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probably the chorus to More than a feeling or some scales one of my own songs possibly lol
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Outside Woman Blues by Cream or Gimme Shelter by the Stones.
For a warmup. Then maybe Turn Soonest to the Sea.
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