Ok heres what happened...

For the last year or so, i've been a band (we're not very good) but i enjoy playing with them and covering songs etc. One of the guitarists and I had this idea to involve to bass guitars in our music. We went to our other guitarist and drummer, they threatened to leave the band if we did that idea. The guitarist who made up the idea with me got really frustrated by them and left. I thought "ohwell theres no point, the other guitarist is nothing special" so I also left.

Then 2 days later at school, at lunchtime i found out that they had all gotten together in the "prac" room (our schools room with all the equipment) and began playing again. The thing is, that the guitarist who left was back in (hes one of my good friends) and the drummer was now playing bass and they had found a new drummer. I'm a much, much better bassist than the one they replaced me with, he struggles to play things like the intro to iron man.

They didn't even front up to me about it. They just kicked me out with out even telling me.

What should I do? should I try and impress them, so they'll put me back in their band?

Or should i make a entirely new band?

Any other suggestions are fine.
Confront 'em mate. Find out why, and if they just say: This guy is better or we like him more, you say righto o then go get ****ed why couldn't you just tell me this before without doing this behind my back?

Least that's what I'd do...


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They didn't kick you out, you left. You said it yourself.

You should make a new band, you can't expect them to want to welcome back considering you walked out

Well, I only left because the other guitarist left. If he stayed i definatly wouldve stayed. And he told me that i dont want to be in any bands for a while..
maybe you shouldn't have been such a follower and showed some dedication to the group
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I agree with confronting them, especially your guitarist friend, asking him what the hell is going on. If they don't want you back in, then I guess there is nothing you can do about that. You say you are much better than that guy, so it is their loss.
dont bother
happened to me.
oh well
make another band.
get better.
dont stress too much
Maybe they have superior intellect and they just pulled you in to a trap so you could leave the band by yourself and they wouldn't have a guilty conscience. That is just my idea.
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Battle of bass?
winner = back in band........

or just have one bass player and using recording gear, do one bass track, then the other as you play back the first.
this is how studios do it now...they have everyone play one at a time and they MT, (Multi-Track) so they dont have to get a bunch of interfaces and mics and try to monitor it all at once.
if they don't want you back...which they obviously don't...then it sucks for you...go find another band...you're one who left making it look like you don't need them...
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I'd definitely ask them why they did that, but just go start a new band and blow their asses out of the water!
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