Ok, it's time for a trem pedal. Throw some out there. Reviews are good if you've got them. Price isn't an issue, but I do need something that will do squarewave and vintage-style throb.
in my head squarewave sounds awkward to me. so i'm guessing i'm not picturing the right wave.
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I'm rethinking the squarewave- I was thinking of the effect you get when you turn the neck pickup of a les paul all the way down and then flip the pickup selector real fast, but I suppose I can just keep doing that. Mostly just looking for a decent trem. I'm not adverse to spending more for a better one, and EH hasn't really done it for me in the past.
the tunamelt is great. warm, natural. and with some coaxing can do some "wilder" things. chose over the empress and voodoo lab trem.
You are right, squarewave is the same as flicking the pup selector. Basically it would have two volume levels and alternate between the two without any sort of fading between them just on or off.
I've used a Boss TR-2, I loved it, sounded great, and a piece of p*ss to use so that'd get my recommendation.