so i'v finnaly perfected all of the trooper and all of sweet child of mine.
and now im sorta stuped at what to do next.
anybody got any good suggestions of songs with solo's that are harder than what i have learnt but not completely out of my reach.
thanks for your help.
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i think i pogressed from Sweet Child to Nightrain (1 or 2 t's?), the outro solo is slightly harder to perfect imo.
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could learn Ashes of the Wake it's got a mix of riffing and solo's that'll keep you busy for a while.
Try some Wintersun, Opeth, or if you like more traditional metal some Iommi solos from Sabbath or Randy Rhoad's solos from when he was with Ozzy ( especially on the Diary of a Madman album )
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jeesus christ... i will never understand why people like this song... seriously...
FAR BEYOND THE SUN! Nah, I'm just playing. How about the solo from One?
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jeesus christ... i will never understand why people like this song... seriously...

Like, seriously, I'll never understand why people don't like this song.
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Like, seriously, I'll never understand why people don't like this song.


5 minutes of singing about dating your cousins, 5 minutes of guitar soloing, how can someone not like it?
how about trying to learn something that doesn't involve as much technical prowess, melody and feeling are also important, and learning to fully develop a good finger vibrato is important.

I would recommend trying to learn some floyd solos, or for a little feeling with some flash, maybe a couple jimi hendrix songs.
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Pink Floyd - Shine On You Crazy Diamond
Comfortably Numb
Young Lust

The Who - Who Are You
Pinball Wizard

Guns N Roses - My Michelle
The Garden<<Slash's best imo

Jimi Hendrix - Voodoo Chile
Spanish Castle Magic

Led Zeppelin - Communication Breakdown
Bron Y Aur
Since I've Been Loving You <best Zeppelin song imo

So yeah try some of those.

Dont be decieved by Floyd. Even though Gilmours not fast,trying to play like him is extremely difficult. (Gilmour = favourite guitarist) anyway yeah theres some ideas.
I'd say try some Pink Floyd, like said earlier, Gilmour's style is crazy hard to master, and if you can do it, more props to you. I can, but I've been practicing it for a REALLY long time. so yeah, Comfortably Numb, Time, Sheep, or even go the step up and learn Echoes
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the two solos in painkiller by judas priest, complete awesomeness... or the Mr Crowley solos

I doubt that he can do Painkiller if he just mastered The Trooper and Sweet Child O' Mine.
However, try Mr Crowley. Great solo.

Pretty much anything GNR, Metallica, A7X, and stuff in that area is always fun to learn, and pretty hard sometimes too, and not to mention you'll get mad props if you learn each solo to each band.
i dunno, how about like the solo to "holiday" by green day? that will keep you busy for months.... wondering why you were gay enough to learn it.