so i got banned for saying the same thing that everyone else was saying.
made me decide that these forums are stupid with stuck up mods.

i originally started my account so that i could ask questions and answer questions in the musicians one (theory) and the ones about amps and guitars. but like all you, i ended up getting sucked into the rightly named "pit".

not much that goes on here has anything to do with playing guitar. its simply time wasted that could be spent practising guitar or writing songs.

so i warn you now.

the pit, although i fun community, is a waste of time and not needed on a guitar forums..

whoever carmel is who banned me or gave me a warning or whatever. you are an idiot.

and i just hope that every body else who said "whats a pucture" in that thread got a warning as well.

can any body tell me if they did or can someone inform me of how it works.

chances are i will get more warnings on this account. but i dont care, its not mine. so **** you and ban away.


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