I have a Fender 100 Stage head, solid state, 100 wats, i dont like it at all. (i play metal) (dont ask why i bought it) but i got the cab with it, i guess made for that head... 4 ohms, i think it says somewhere 100 watts, but i dont know...

anyways, i want a 6505, and someone told me that i could use the 6505 on my cab,
but i heard that i wont be able to have it too loud or it will blow the speakers....
so im a little confused, can anyone clear it up?

The ultimate deciding factor is whether the head has a 4 ohm speaker jack.
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I have a Fender 100 Stage head, solid state

omg!!!! this was one of my first ever amps!!!! i didnt even think they still made these. haha not metal definately but for the price it does a fine little job as a solidsate clean amp (which isnt saying much). i remember the dirty channels being quite obnoxiuos tho

wow that didnt really help anyone
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