I got a Big Muff yesterday, and although its fun to play with, I'm not sure how much I will use it on its own. I want to get a 90's grungy sound similiar to bush, nirvana, pumpkins etc. I haven't tried it yet, but I want to use my Boss os-2 with the big muff just to get a bit of fuzz. In what order should I put my pedals?
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try both, but I would start out with the muff into the os-2

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Well er, i guess it doesnt really matter, your still gonna get a hell of load of ****ty feedback. Prolly.

If you keep the Muff's tone knob past 10 o'clock, you're usually alright.

OD -> Muff. Run the Muff with volume a little past 1, tone dimed, and sustain about half. Run the OD with tone in the middle, level at 2 or 3, and gain about half. Balance the Muff's Sustain and the OD's gain to find the balance of messyness you want.
that certainly will be grundgy
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why don't you run the big muff alone? it sounds so cool...

but if you want nirvana you got the wrong pedal. get Boss DS-1 or DS-2
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but if you want nirvana you got the wrong pedal. get Boss DS-1 or DS-2

Considering half of the OS-2 is the DS1, then no.
I noticed I couldn't achieve any tone I liked with it on it's own. With some kind of distortion or boost in front it's a bit better.
I use a Big Muff and a Boss OD3, the OD3 really tightens it up
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