I'm in a band where I play guitar and sing, at the moment we are writing songs and the riffage is good and the vocals are good without me playing the instrument, its just when I do both. Basically when I play + sing I either mess up what I'm playing or my words mess up when I'm singing and it sounds nothing like how it did when I played without, so what I wanted to know was how can I improve my standard of playing and singing so I can be decent?
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Umh practice?

I guess you need to be able to play the guitar part with out thinking about it, so that you can focus on your singing, or vica versa
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Learn the riffs until you're sick of them and you can play them and speak on the phone or something. Then practice it with the singing.
hmm practise.. I'm not that good at it, but has my vocals job is only on backing voices theres no prob.. nyway, playing the riffs till you get sick of them. Then you're ready to play and sing.. it's like markieee said.. playing without thinking about it.
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do u play rhythm or lead?

Rhythm mainly
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What everyone else has said is good points...PRACTICE. Also, write stuff that's easy to sing and play, where the words line up pretty well with the guitar, or the guitar is just on the beat or something. Or maybe even make the guitar part the melody so that they line up perfect. Then when you are good at that start writing harder stuff.
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practice, a good song to start on is "aint no sunshine" by bill withers, as u dont HAVE to play at the same time as singing but as u get better u can develop it.

Try this, it may seem like a long process but insideac knows what he's talking about.
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Practice basically, some people have their own methods like slowing down, identifying syllables and where they are in the music and what not it's up to you but seriously its practice essentially definitely, worked for me
The best things I have found are practicing and finding where I am in the lyrics and guitar on the beat. Most songs have the guitar and vocals doing the same things on the beat. for example, the guitar changes chords at the end of a sentence. but some songs where you can play lead and sing are easier when you find where the beat is in the midst of the music. again for example, Don't Cry by GN'R is very easy to play lead for and sing. Even though you are playing an out line of the chords and extra, the guitar and vocals meet at the downbeat. If you can figure out the song, you've pretty much got it. Good luck! keep practicing.
I too have the same problem. It's just that obviously the music doesn't have the same rhythm as the voice, so you either try to sing and make the words as long as the notes your are playing, or playing the notes at how long the words are, and thus, you screw up.

I would just practice.