ok well ive only just really got myself a new 7 string, (rg1527) and had a quite good mess around on it but id like some fairly easy songs to learn on it now
ive had a go at the intro to change of seasons (DT) and thats it so far.

can anyone offer me any good songs to learn for 7, i was thinking maybe some easier unearth songs, anything metal preferably, im not crap but id just like something to ease me in on the low B :P

cheers for anything
try some of the songs off Triviums album The Crusade. There's a few 7 string stuff on that that isnt too hard.

If you're feeling brave you could try some Nevermore. If you're feeling **** you could try some Korn
The latter half of The Crusade album (Trivium) has some easier stuff on 7-strings.
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