I was wondering, can you get a static like effect on your guitar at all? I have a sick idea for a song, but I can't get any sort of static sound at all. Please help!
put a cell phone against your pickups, unplug your cable and hold it in your hand or by a florescent light. Try really obscure things, and see if its what you would like

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if you turn the volume down all the way on your guitar, and activate a distortion+overdrive pedal that both have the gain and volume maxed, and you have a volume pedal or wah, you can control the static.....
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/\ Heh, thats what I was gonna say.
Unplugging your guitar would be your best bet imo, but that may affect your amp in a negative way.

A Noise Swash could probably do it pretty well, but they are rather rare/pricey, and for the one song it probably isn't worth it.