anybody wanna help me value my amp cuz i have no idea...

I have an amp and cab i wanna sell cuz its becoming harder to move about so often and i dont wanna break it. but i have no idea how much its worth, i been told it's around the £700 mark, its a Marshall limited edition JCM 2000 DSL 50 watt Head (with a tweed front, brass limited edition plate and gold marshall logo and piping) and a Marshall VS2000 4x12 Cab fitted with x4 celestion G12T-75 speakers, the Head has just been totally serviced, new power valves (Watford valves, Military standard) and all new preamp valves. it's also has all the signals re-tuned. and the technition was suprised to see one of these, he said to me there were only 400 ever made in the uk, which i thought was cool. so it's like new.ish i think the amp is around ten years old maybe more i'm not toally sure. and it looks it. the coverings not ripped or anything just the corners are a little tatty. the cab is in great condition and sounds great with the celestions in it. the clean sound is amazing, they both have been giged heavly and have never let me down not once, i'm retireing this amp untill it's bought. i dont know how to put photos in this so if you wanna gimme a few pointer on that too id be happy to post some of the amp,cab inside and outside.

Cheers all!