I am new to guitars and very excitied but i have no experience other than the many hours I've played of guitar hero on xbox 360. Is it easier to learn on acoustic or electric? and i would love some recomendations of specific guitars. Thanks.
Start with acoustic. Just get a chord poster at Wal-Mart of something and go from there.

Most kids that start out on electric just end up being pretentious jackasses, anyway.
yeah if you start out on acoustic your fingers will be alot stronger in the long run
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but yeah its fine
Depends what kind of music you want to play... If want to learn to play lead guitar and solo and all that then electric is the way to go. If you only want to play chords for the rest of your guitar career then get an acoustic.

What kind of music are you in to? and what do you want to learn to play?

Although acoustic may be cheaper for you since the guitar is all you need. No amp or pedals or anything like that needed, but then you may go buy the acoustic and then find you want an electric, so then you have to spend the money on the electric after already buying the acoustic.
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Put A Chalk Block Underneith The Strings Of The Acoustic At The Bridge To Really Strenthin Your Fingers
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I am a beginner myself been playing less than a year my opinion is start on an electric. It is easier to play in the beginning. An acoustic is a lot harder to get a decent sound on and in my opinion may discourage a beginner.
I have never understood the advice of get an acoustic its harder to play and so a electric will be easy later. To me that is like telling someone who wants to lift weights to start with 300lbs after that a 100lbs will be easy.
i first tried starting with a electric guitar, and it was harder to learn b/c when learning chords with the excess gain just makes things more confusing, acoustic just has a much cleaner sound and its alot simpler and more mobile than a electric, i had trouble learning with a electric swiched to a acoustic and 8 months later bought a electric, and i think that worked out pretty well for me
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If you think you can keep yourself motivated long enough, definately try starting on an acoustic.

Otherwise, starting on an electric might be better.