Hey everyone, I'm a real reggae fanatic and I am looking for a new acoustic guitar. I have a Fender Strat but I'm looking for a quality acoustic guitar with a nice soothing sound and nice looking (designs on neck, nice colour, unique). Anyways my price range is up to $500-$600 and don't really know where to look when it comes to acoustics. I've realized alot of it is based on opinion but I need somewhere to start, so any ideas are helpful. Thanks alot!
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hmm... there usually wont be very name nice inlays for your price range. they usually only start getting nice when you dish out a lot more money.

i guess if you're in that price range the immediate choices that come to mind are ovation and takamine.
Alvarez or Ibanez or the most decent i that price range. takamine too.

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id say alvarez ive seen a guy play reel big fish wich is ska on his alvarez and sounded really good
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I'll try to find which model it is, but the bass player in my band has an Ibanez (he said it ran about $550-600) acoustic-electric that plays fantastically and has a cool inlay, almost like Steve Vai's Tree of Life design. I'll search for it and let you know what I find.

Here you go, if this isn't it it's very similar:


Hope that helps you.
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