I'm going to "kill" my FirstAct P-Bass...

1. Get my FirstAct Precision Bass.

2. Defrett and fix.

3. Buy/Add Ernie Ball flatwound strings.

4. Stickers!


5. Install new Floyd Rose bridge.

6. Install '62 Fender P-Bass pick-ups

7. (Before stickers if I do) Refinish. Either Red, White, or Green

Yay or Nay?
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1.) Okay.
2.) If you defret it, you'll need something in the empty slots or [A] Your sustain will be almost non-existent, and The neck will bow forward uncontrollably.
3.) Okay.
4.) Not my bag, but whatever floats your boat...
5.) Do they even make FRs for basses?
6.) Nice.
7.) Pic of the bass?
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Floyd rose makes bass trems?
I don't think they do....

Anyways, I don't see how this is "killing it", but if you do a half decent de-fretting and slot filling it may turn out half decent. However, I don't know what quality first act bodies/necks are (my expectations aren't high, though...), but you may want to consider buying a cheap(ish) bass that may not be amazing, but doesn't suck, and mod that. Unless you're just experimenting w/ de-fretting/modding, then this'll be a good experience, but like I said, if the bass sucks to begin with, there's only so much you can do.

edit: this really has nothing to do with the thread, but did anyone else notice that it says there's 3 replies to this thread when there's actually 4?
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Floyd Rose!?!?!?!? You would have to dig out a big ****in hole in your bass. And there is no point in de-fretting it unless you want a fretless, but even then it would mess the neck up.
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isnt First Act like a Toys R Us company?? if it is, i would think its a waste of money. You're better off buying a starter package or maybe a squier or epiphone bass.
Why would the neck bow forward after a de-fretting? It's not the fretboard that keeps the neck straight.
I have no idea what I'm talking about. Don't belive me.
The same reason that wide fretwire can't be used in a narrow slot, even if it fits (only in reverse): Overly wide frets will cause a terrible backbow because the frets are pushing out all along the entire length of the neck. With empty fret slots there is nothing pushing out...

Think of it like the kerfing in an acoustic. It has slots cut in it so it can be bent around curves without breaking.

Gah, it's kinda hard for me to explain...