hey i have a ltd, it has a floyd rose tremolo on it
my main problemis the high e string, its out of tune and when i try to turn the fint tuners to tune it they dont seem to do anything
i turned it all the way so i cant turn any more and it doesn't seem to change a thing
and all the other strings are fine...why doesn't it tune !??
everything is fine cept the high e...
i dont wanna pay like 40-50 $ to get it set-up but then i've never even changed strings on a floyd (this guitar) yet and i don't wanna **** my **** up trying to fix it either!
You need to unlock the bit where the strings are locked at the top of the neck and tune it even higher.

Then go tune the other strings and spent quite a bit tuning every other string like 100 times...

Floyd Roses are bitches to tune but when tuned and locked down, you need a sledgehammer to knock it out of tune.

Also, stringing a Floyd Rose isn't THAT hard...

When you get a brand new string and there's the ball bearing thing on the end of it, snip it off JUST after the coils so it doesn't fly loose after placing it in.

Use an Allen Key to unlock the screw things which lock the strings in (forgot the names of em LOL)

Put the end of the string which you just cut into the little hole thing you just loosened and tighten after the string's in.

Repeat for other 5 strings and then wind them around the top where the strings would go.

Tune all strings and re-tune as many times as needed (A Floyd Rose pulls the tremelo up and as the other strings get tighter, they pull the tremelo forward and place the other strings out of tune)
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The fine tuners are just fine tuners.
You tune regularly using the regular tuners (need to unlock the locks first) then once you've clamped the nut back down the fine tuners are to sort out anything slightly off, because the nut may make it a bit sharp, the trem stuff you do might slightly knock tuning off etc.

However the ZR tremolo's fine tuners are practically regular one's!