not really, if you want a good metal guitar with the explorer shape, go with the LTD EX model (not exactly sure on numbers, some one will back me up) they normally have emgs or some kind of metal pickup like that
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i think so, a lot of metal guys use em
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if you throw some emgs in there its awesome for metal... its good without them, but the emgs make it pretty sweet imo
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Yes, they have hot ceramic pickups, big mahogany body, and a dark tone.

They're not built for metal, but they do it well. A les paul, SG, or flying V would sound extremely similar though.
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It would work for metal, but an ESP EX-400 would handle it better.
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are those good metal guitars?

Well let me ask you... Are Ibanez Artcore good for jazz? I'm sorry, but thats a pretty silly question to ask.
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every guitar is good for metal

except hollows and semi hollows

pretty sure metal wasn't around when explorers were introduced

just get something you like
I love my explorer but for shredding metal I'd prefer an ibanez with a sweet trem