I replaced the strings on my gibson SG about a month or a month and a half ago, and recently they are sounding very dull, mostly just the top E,A,D strings. The E is the worst, when I play it, even with the bridge pickup on, it sounds like crap- dull, and the note barely rings. Their seems to be no buzz sound, just dullness. This same thing happens with the A and Dstring. It either doesnt happen much or is too unnoticeable for me to tell if this is happening on the bottom 3 strings.

I had no problem with these strings for the first couple weeks I had them on. I stopped playing this guitar for about a week, and when I tried it again it was messed up. I have not dropped the guitar or done anything to it that I know of that would have caused this problem. As far as i know, the setup is fine, except maybe the intonation, but this is not a tuning or intonation problem. It is a tonal problem.

When I look at the vibrating string, it does not appear to be muted any place, or touching the frets.

What could be causing this?, How can I fix it?

all help appreciated,

EDIT: I forgot to say that this sound occurs even when not plugged into an amp, so its not an electrical problem
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try new strings, get some really expensive ones, like elixirs just to see if low-quality strings are the problem. also, you might try heavier gauge strings. pickups maybe the problem, probably a good idea to go to a guitar store and have them check all the wiring and electronics.

or just buy a guitar that's not an sg
My friend had that problem and it turns out that his input was messed up, also check the pickups
I have been playing this guitar less than usual, because of a new guitar. I usually dont need to change the strings until ive played them for two months anyway. usually 2 hours a day. I would agree that the pickups could be messed up. or the fact that they are 5 dollar ernie balls. And Ive been playing this SG for 2 years and never had any problems.

Thanks all, ill have the electronics checked out, unless someone else suggests something else before i do that

EDIT: its not an electrical problem, this dullness occurs with or without an amp
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Try raising the action a little bit.

If that doesn't work, try replacing the strings.
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buy new strings.

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Get a different set of strings every once in whilw to figure out wich ones you like the most. Its probably that the strings you had before were just alot better quality than the ones you have now.

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strings could be, but not because theyre dirty or way out of tune. the guitar is in tune fine