Here is a kinda cool song i wrote for my band, Last Year,

Billy the Lumber Jack

I know a guy
Who knows another guy
And he takes it up the ass all the time

You might think that’s whack
But when you’re a lumberjack
You got to take it like a man sometimes

I find it strange
That Billy doesn’t complain
That every one at work calls him gay

Its hard to explain
Why he goes through the pain
Well, you don’t get paid much for cutting trees all day


Billy the lumber jack
Takes it from the back
Cuz he knows that’s the only way you can get ahead

Kissing ass all day
So he can get paid
A little more, so he can afford his,
Ballet classes
I loved it!!
It was sort of funny, and the rimes really worked for me.
This is something that i would love to hear on the radio..