so the first slightly nice amp i was ever going to get (peavey 5150) has just been denied because it is too much money. does anyone know of an amp that would be a good substitution for the peavey 5150 combo that is i don't know, $200-$450

your help would be greatly appreciated.
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I feel your pain with the Spider III 15, I too sadly have it. But, anyway, I'm going to suggest a Peavey Valveking Combo, Try that out at a local Guitar shop, and as many others that you can find within your range to find one you like

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i've tried the valveking. i thought it was good but i can't believe it's a good subistitution. is there any amp that would be better than the valveking?
wait what
Quote by s.r.v.
peavey windsor

sept i don't have a cabinet....

and i'm looking for an amp that plays death metal.
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