what is the best amp i can get for under 150 dollars. im just looking for an amp that i can practice in my room with. also it cant be used because im getting it for christmas from my aunt and shes going to guitarcenter so nothing online or ebay or anything. also i like to play alot of classic rock like led zepplin and guns n roses but i may get into harder rock. so whats a good overall amp in that price range. i was looking at the microcube would that be best. And for my guitar im getting an agile 3100 CSB

suggestions thanks
an epiphone volve junior and an overdrive pedal should do...you might have to go up to like 200 for that though...
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any other suggestions. and ya ive been looking into the epi valve but im not sure what my aunt will pay. so otehr suggestions. im planning to get as much suggestions as i can then study them and pick one.

any more?
I think that the reason why there arent many suggestions is because there arent many amps under 150 that are good...where do you live? maybe you can find a used one close to you so you wont have to buy online...
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this is like comparing a flushing toilet to a hole in the ground
For an amp that you can practice with in your room I would get a Roland Micro Cube. They sound great and are plenty loud. They have a headphone jack and a line in so you can run your MP3 player through it as well. It's a nice little amp. It runs of an A/C adapter or with 6 AA batteries.

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my aunt does have a job shes a millionaire but my mom doesnt want me to take advantage of that so she only wants them to spen 150 on me
+1 on the roland micro cube. great little amp with a lot of effects for $125 i think
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Punch her in the ovaries if she doesn't want to spend 50 bucks more.

lol yea the champion 600 is awesome. hmm maybe try and convince your mom or aunt for $50 more. or just tell your aunt to buy it and tell your mom it cost $150.
the micro cube is a better amp though if you dont have any pedals because it has built in effects. the champion 600, epiphone valve jr only have 1 volume knob. thats it. so you'll be getting more out of the micro cube. if you already have a few pedals then try and get the champion 600 or vale jr. otherwise go for the micro cube.
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