Sorry if this is in the wrong fourm, but i think it goes in either here or the pedals one.

Anyway, i was testing out some OD pedals. I asked a guy at the local guitar store if they had a Ibanez Tube Screamer, because ive heard alota good things about em. they didnt, but the guy had a Voodoo Labe Sparkle Box, or whatever the Voodoo lab equilivent to teh tube screamer is. he said he used both and use the voodoo lab box as a boost for solos.

So i tried runnin 2 distortion pedals together and got somthin terrible....
how does one go about using another distortion pedal as a "Boost" or does it only apply to od Pedals?

thanks in advance!
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Depends on what brand, tone, amp, etc. Two distortion pedals will likely sound like crap, especially if you are playing metal. Try using an overdrive pedal with lite drive to add tone (not distortion) and then a distortion pedal afterwards to boost for solo. In both cases, limit the compression as it will muddy up your tone. My personal preference is a single overdrive pedal with two channels (see the TTS in my profile) or a TS with a treble booster.
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