Im looking to buy a guitar tonight, i want something to play heavy music on. The top brands in mind are dean, schecter, epi, esp/ltd. Right now i will probably go with the dean z and buy some different pickups for it. My other choice would be a blem epi standard les paul. Im looking on musicians friend, any help is appreciated.
ESP/LTD would be a good choice, also...many people in heavy music use these guitars, with pretty good results.
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What amp and guitar do you currently have?

It's generally a good idea to stay away from LTDs under the 400 series.

Ibanez SZ320GD

Schecter Damien 6

Washburn Idol WI46

Dean Evo Noir

All good choices for what you are looking to play.
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and have you considered the ibanez RG321mh, my good sir?
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i(my dad) went into guitar center and got them to take 50 bucks off a schecter gryphon so it wound up being $350... amazing guitar, mahagony body, flame maple top, coil taps, and it feels, dare i say- comfy in my hands?
gryphon sound like a pretty good value for money guitar. Mahogany body ftw!