to start off here is my setup:
american strat ---> SM7 smash box ---> df-7 digitech distortion ---> boss chorus ---> fender tuner ---> laney vc30 amp

the problem that iam having is when i turn my distortion pedals on i get some noise in the background... louder than normal noise. when all pedals are off i still get some noise but not as bad. when i switch my amp into overdrive the noise picks up again.

however, when i just run my guitar straight to the amp and then kick on overdrive i dont have that nasty feedback. i have the same problem on several amps.

if anyone knows of a way i can eliminate that nasy feedback noise it would be greatly appreciated if you could let me know. thanks.
check your pedals one by one. then. slowly add pedals into the chain.

That should reveal if it is one of your pedals.