I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with any of the pickups from tonerider. I have been looking at their humbuckers, particularly the PAF classic ones (with alnico IV magnets), but they have some higher output ones too.

Anyway, a couple of questions: Are they a good step up from the stock pickups in my Epi G400?
How do they compare to more expensive brands like SD/Dimarzio (turns out they are about 25% the price...)

One last question (not specific to tonerider), would higher output pickups be a good option for me, even though my amp has more gain than I need (it's a JCM900). I play some classic rock (Led Zep and Beatles), and also more modern stuff (Foos, Queens of the Stone age, Chilis), but not metal...

Cheers for any help.
I've never heard of them, so I can't help you there, but I'd say that you wouldn't need high-output pickups for those styles - PAF types would be good because your amp can give you enough gain for them.
Cheers for the input. I wasn't sure, thought they might make distorted sounds a bit nicer without impacting on the cleans too much.

It seems not many people have heard/tried them, there aren't many posts on them (apart from people trying to sell them...). They're just so much cheaper than any other pickup available to me. I'm in New Zealand, so a set of SD's will set me back around $350 new, whereas these would only be $100
Tonerider pickups are nice. Andrew (the owner) set up shop in china to keep his overhead low but he still runs a tight ship. I'd say that they are as good as most Seymour Duncan and DiMarzio pickups of similar specs and they are way better than GFS pickups.

For your second question, I wouldn't think you would want high output pickups for the groups you listed.
Not taking any online orders.
Thanks for the help guys, I just ordered the Alnico IV ones with the "PAF" tone. I guess if they're no good, at least they didn't cost much!
I have pure vintages in my strat and they sound amazing. They are scatterwound as well - the reason they are cheap is because they are produced in China. So you can get Fralin or Lollar tones at 25% the price :P
I am also looking into these pickups. I am getting the PAF to go in the bridge and a generator pickup for the bridge. The generator has been compared to a jb and is a very good pickup. check out some of the videos on youtube. M