So I was playing my bass the other day (It's a Dean playmate.....not a playmate 9.0 or anything..just a playmate.) and my mom walks by and starts talking to me about selling my first one (This one) to raise money for my second one. Now all my friends and my dad think I should keep it but make it custom. What do you guys think?
well, it depends what you want to get out of the bass.

what amp do you have? if you want to sound generally better, try a better amp.

do you want it to look better, or play better, or sound better or what?
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Overall, I'd just get a new bass, to save you a lot of work.

Also, I'm not that fond of Deans, but that may just be me.
I made mine first bass fretless and cut up the scratch plate now i can't get enough of it again. A change can be very inspiring like that
Personally, I think this is a question that you need to answer on your own, think it over for awhile or you could end up losing your bass or messing it up.
I'm personally keeping my original bass after I get my new one so I can experiment customization with it (new bridge installations, tuning heads, knobs, paint)- that and of course for old times.
My thoughts on customs is that the bass should be exactly what you want. But you can only know what you want once you've tried a lot of different stuff out. There's a lot of things to consider from pickups, to colour to neck radius and machine heads. If you don't have a general idea of preference of these, then perhaps you're better off buying a more generic bass until you have one.

If this is your second bass, I doubt this may be the case. Besides, if you want to sell it on, it will be almost worthless unless you get it from a really well known luthier.

Also, the waiting time for customs is usually pretty long. I'd say, buy a better bass. You probably will find that your ideas for your custom bass will have changed.
If this is the Playmate Im thinking of, you might as well keep it. I mean you could probably get like $50 for it if you do sell it, but that wont really help that much.

Oh and to save on a thread, try out all the basses your looking at for your 2nd one and make your decision off of that instead of asking us because we dont know what will feel right to you .
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Quote by silentdob
If this is the Playmate Im thinking of, you might as well keep it. I mean you could probably get like $50 for it if you do sell it, but that wont really help that much.

And plus, it is your first bass. Every bassist who has sold their first bass has regretted it. Just lock it up in a cupboard and you have great memories when you're 30.
^ I was gonna custom up my first bass....but then I realised it had utterly horrible balance (It was an SG shape....and I put some really beefy Schaller tuners in a new, full scale neck....needless to say, it was not cool )

I agree with several opinions above, once you have played other instruments you will have a better opinion of what suits you.
You can always come back to the custom idea later on, and go all out with totally new body/neck/hardware/electronics, or even have it built for you.
Also, a new amp is probably a much better option than a new bass.