John Denver tribute - 12 string guitar?


Was watching last nite on Ch 2 PBS a special tribute to John Denver - his life,
songs, great guy...

It looked like many times singing at concerts he had a 12 string guitar ?
I could see like 6 tuning knobs on each side of the handle and looked lil bit wider
and seemed like a lot more than normal 6.

Hard to tell on tv - only got quick glimpses at short times... looked like the strings
were doubled up down where he was strumming.

What kind of guitar is this ? What's it called ?

Is it for in case a string breaks there is a backup there and he can keep playing thru the concert ?

Do other famous singers do same thing ?

Can you buy aguitar like this today ? Why would you ?

Does it sound diff/ better than regular acoustic ?

Are you asking if a 12-string guitar exists, or what brand/make the guitar was?

A 12 string guitar does exist, and has the strings doubled in octaves or unison. It gives a different sound to a normal acoustic guitar.

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