Poll: do you have a record label/produced a cd?
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View poll results: do you have a record label/produced a cd?
working on it
7 24%
14 48%
2 7%
dont have a band/dont care
6 21%
Voters: 29.
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have put out a cd or have a record label?

currently... we are working on a cd.

im just wondering how many of you have record labels or produced a cd.
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no we havent got out of the practise stages yet!
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Yes, and working on it.
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We're working on getting a CD out. Well, a 4 track demo. Hopefully heading to the studio February/March time.
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Well my last band had just finished recording a CD, but it was kind of crap (recording quality wise) because we only recorded with 1 mic (the drums were unmic'ed, ect) so we had no control over individual volumes. Sadly we ended up breaking up after finishing the "demo" recordings of all our songs (10 songs, it was to be almost an LP when we added our 2 covers on). We were rehearsing all of the songs to go into the studio for a proper recording when we ended up breaking up. Me and the guitarist from that group are in this new "band" (rotating door of musicians) and trying to make new songs for a CD. I have a 22 input mixer and a pack of drum mics now so we'll be able to control the sound more and make a proper recording (once we get a solid group of musicians set)
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I go to a fairly rich private school, and the music tech teacher has helped us do a few recordings in the last few years. They've only been covers, but it's been an educational experience on both the recording and mixing/producing side of it, but it's also good to hear how we actually sound, especially the vocals.

We're writing our own stuff at the moment, but with luck, and the goodwill of the music tech teacher, we could well have a 4-track demo CD sometime early next year, after the end of year summer holidays.