OK...I don't have a electric guitar and this question may seem very dumb, but jack white made a song named "Little Acorns". I learned the song and play on acoustic, but in the tab it says to bend the seventh fret, but when he does it, it sounds like a whammy bar. I'm looking to buy a really nice stratocastor, do all strats have a whammy bar?
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Pretty much every strat has a trem.
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Tremolo arm=whammy bar=vibrato bar, for the most part. The terms are used interchangeably.

All strats have a tremolo, or "whammy bar" unless they have a hardtail bridge which does not move.
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Oh...thanks. Am I right...is a whammy bar used in this song?

No. Jack used a Digitech Whammy Pedal. I believe he doesn't generally use guitars with tremolos, since he loves his whammy pedal. Well, he didn't for recording Elephant, but he has recently purchased a Gretsch White Penguin guitar, which has a Bigsby tremolo, or something similar.

So yeah, for that song he used a whammy pedal, not a guitar with a whammy bar.
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OK. So I wanna be able to play this song exactly as it's played. I need a amp, stratocastor and a digitech whammy pedal? How much do you think that would cost for those 3 things. (New and good quality)
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He doesn't use a Strat, mate. The guitar he uses is a JB Hutto Montgomery Airline, which, if you could find one these days, would set you back around $4000, since it's such a rare/vintage/high-profile guitar :P
Fortunately for you though, Eastwood make a really decent reissue of it, called the Airline 2p DLX, which has better hardware, an extra pickup and is a joy to play. One of these will cost you $699, which is really cheap tbh, and a good deal. I may be getting one for my birthday in a couple of weeks.

In terms of pedals, in that song, and a lot of their songs, Jack White uses a Digitech Whammy Pedal to get the high-pitched squeals and doubling on the guitars. You can pick them up for around $200:

To get the great distortion sound Jack has, you'll also want the Big Muff Pi he uses, for around $75:

As for an amp, I don't think it matters all that much if you have the other stuff. Just get something decent and cheap... Someone else can help you in that area, I don't really know much about amps.
You can probably get that stuff a bit cheaper if you look around. Hope that helps!
Thanks man really helped me out. Now I gotta go shopping for this stuff
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