ok so i got a Crate 4x12 cab for free, and i havent bought a head yet. my question is: is there any sound/tone difference between cabs? i know that there is a difference in how speakers are made for bass cabs and guitar cabs, and i don't think my cab is low quality because its a Crate and its only a few years old, but i just don't know if certain cabs work better than others.
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It all depends on what speakers it has in it really, not what make it is...

Thats true most of the time. The only difference you will find is if you compare cabinets with the same speakers that have different dimensions. Randall, Mesa Boogie, and Krank all make over sized cabs that will sound different than yours even with the same speakers. But yeah, if you want a better or different sound, you mostly only need to worry about the speakers.

Note: Some really ****ty cabs may have terrible enough acoustics to mess up the tone. An example is the Marshall AVT cab. I had one and while it worked with the treble heavy head I was using, it muddied up everything else. Pretty sure it was the acoustics of the cab not the speakers.