I got some extra cash and I want to get a kick ass combo amp. I'm already set on Mesa, I want to get a 1x12 combo thats not that heavy (weight wise) and has a killer distortion. I play heavy/thrash metal. I'm going to Mesa/Boogie Hollywood next week to try them out anyways, but I was wondering if anyone had some experiences with these amps? Thanks.
Not sure on pricing over there but what about a lonestar? Best amp ever...
Mark IV will get you much more into the metal range. The 5:50 never quite sounded 'metal' all of the times I've tested it.
Rectoverb combo is very nice too, and more versatile that you'd think (try the Vintage channel).

Of the two, the Mark will sound better to me, but that's a personal preference. Both are good.
call me crazy but check out the nomad if the shop has any left. They are out of production now, but have pretty nice overdriven sounds, very smooth. The third channel would be great for high gain stuff, and the cleans are better than the Mark IMO.
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Yeah, from what I heard, Im most likely gonna go with a Mark IV 1x12 combo. Last time I called the store (2 weeks ago) they were in stock. Gonna pick one up on Monday. Thanks for the input, cant wait to try it out.
The Mark IV is fairly heavy though, or at least mine is. It's the widebody version, so I can't say how it compares to the standard.
The Express series doesn't have enough gain for what you play. It's a classic rock amp at best.

Get the Mark IV, you won't be dissapointed, I guarantee it.
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