Whats the best kinda slide? i dont really know what sound i want because i dont really know many songs with a slide being used, i have a metal (steel i think) 1 and was wondering if it will be usefull to get a glass or brass 1 too?
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i find that the heavier the slide, the better the sustain (ie brass). The glass and ceramic have a warmer sound to them. Having slides with characteristics can be useful, but hey, you only NEED one, right? =)
Glass all the way.
There are some songs that you will want a metal one for, but for the most part glass gives you that nice warm full sound and I find it is easier to play with . I find with the steel ones you have to be very precise with the placement or it just sounds harsh.
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get it from john. i have a glass one and it's nice to play on. i can play it without hitting the frets with 1.5mm action at the 12th fret.

(i'm sure it's the same with brass... but its okay.)
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