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Speed Kills
2 17%
Rock Discipline
8 67%
2 17%
Voters: 12.
Which do you think is better? I own both, but i tend to use Speed Kills becuase with school,homework,working out etc. I know that I can completely practice Speed Kills but not Rock Discipline with its 40+ examples.
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I guess that's why it's called Rock Discipline . I would recommend Discipline. It covers a lot of ground and the exercises are good. I think Petrucci has put more thoughts into his exercises than Batio. The way I see it, the only thing MAB teaches in Speed Kills is "Master tremolo picking! Now play this fast ****!"

Not that I use either of the videos, I just do what Petrucci does, I make my own exercises for my own personal weaknesses.
I'd say Rock Discipline as I think it's more universal and has wider appeal; it seems more in-depth to me; it isn't just aload of 'play as fast as you can like me' (ignoring the youtube videos ); and I just don't really like MAB either haha.
i agree. Petrucci really has put together something special and I find it very helpful. Plus, if he plays at 5 billion and then brings it back down to 4 billion.

If you dont know what that means..you better youtube Petrucci Secret Tape.
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Definately Rock Discipline I have em both Speed Kills is just.... tremollo picking.
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Petrucci's Discipline deffinately is a great book
Speed Mechanics For Lead Guitar by Troy Setantina (sp) is also a ridiculously detailed book, it's very metal focused but if sheer physicality is what you want, it's a great text

EDIT: I'll just add that i find Petrucci's book excellent, but i use economy picking for alot of stuff , it's easier, and can be just as accurate if you practice so it's a bit of old/new styles but still, deffinately worth a look
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I haven't seen Rock Discipline, nor do I listen to Dream Theater, but I do own Speed Kills and Speed Lives. Batio doesn't go too in-depth in both of his DVDs. Judging from what everyone else has said, I'd say go with Rock Discipline.
Although i haven't seen Speed Kills, i find Rock Discipline compared to others instructional video like Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert, Friedman, etc more complete and the way he explain to approach the exercises, is the best that is worked for me
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