Hi ,

I need some serious help on how to spend my money ( no I don't gonna share it with you guys )

My parents always said that I do not may spend much money on a new guitar.
But I convinced them the last couple of months that they should let me buy a 2nd guitar , more specific : a fender strat or a gibson firebird Studio !

Those guitars I always wanted.

Now , I'm getting doubts if I will not regret it to spend so much money on a guitar that I earned by much working after school ( only 16 years old)

So I said : Look I gonna buy a mexican ( not so good ) strat so I can get a new amp to. And they'd said that I gonna regret it and at the end be sorrow that I didn't go with tha MIA strat or the Firebird , so I "must" buy the one I really want.

But I have also a Fender FM212R amp , the clean is nice but the overdrive sucks.
So I wanted maybe a classic player strat and a new amp ( blues jr ? Tiny T. ?)

I say I gonna buy the firebird or USA and the other day I think I might regret it , its been a couple weeks now that I'm with that thoughts in my head . Its driven me nuts.

I think I will have much more fun with more equipment ( new guitar + amp )
But don't want to say next year or so " damn , better bought the firebird or USA"

What should I do , my budget is 1300 euro ( bcause the firebird cost that much and thats the maximum)
1300euro = 1900 dollar

Sorry for the long post , but it's driven me nuts!! And thank you in advance to take the time to read it .

Cheers Dimi
Hold on to your cash; what is your current guitar? I would recommend just holding onto your money and get the MIA Fender / Gibson instead of just getting a MIM Strat.
I'd recommend the MIA Fender, but i may be a little gibson biased
you can always save up more for a new amp, that way you won't buy two sub-par pieces of equipment that will need replaced in a year
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I have a washburn X10 guitar , and I thinks its "reasonable" for only playing 1.5 year guitar.
I'm not a quick learner , so the x10 is not the best , but to be honest maybe not the baddest either in my opinion , maybe you can judge on my playingskill , my 2 songs I can play at this moment that are the toughest in my libary is Under The Bridge & Yellow Ledbetter...

Also , I think I will enjoy the orange 1x12 cab + TT for 700 euros , alittle bit more , cause my current amp is just TO loud and kinda sucks...And like I said I am leaning towards differents guitars all the time , an amp is rather a good investment I think ?

Opinions ?

Getting somewhere I think ...

Thanks again , Dimitri