So I'm into metal, and 90s alternative, and a bit of emo (from first to last), but I don't own an electric guitar, and considering the world of **** I'm in at the moment (don't ask) it's gonna be a while until I do have one.
The problem is, most of the songs I learn on my acoustic are mainly electric guitar songs. the main bands I've been playing are Tool, Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, and stuff like that, Dimmu Borgir and Cradle of Filth etc but I only know three songs that are actually SUPPOSED to be played on an acoustic (Soothe by Smashing Pumpkins, I Will Follow You Into The Dark by DCFC and Emily By FFTL)

I need some songs by bands similiar to what I listen to and play, or maybe not similiar doesn't really matter I just need some acoustic songs. at the moment I've been looking at learning some of the Foo Fighters' In Your Honor acoustic disc, but I don't wanna learn just one band.

Can anyone help me with starting music theory? i've looked at all the lessons, and Theres so much even in the first paragraphs that I don't know. eg the I III IV stuff. I can read music, and I know alot of chords and a few scales but apart from that I'm clueless.

thanks guys.
Wenn die Nack einfällt
bedeckt sie die Welt
mit undurchdringlicher Dunkelheit.
Kälte steigt vom boden auf
und verpestet die Luft
hat das Leben neue

Burzum "Dunkelheit"
just type in 'acoustic' where you look for tabs. Millions come up, then you just gotta sort through them to find ones by the bands you like. Thats how i found all my acoustic tabs
If it wasn't for bad luck, I wouldn't have no luck at all
The Spill Canvas's first album, called Sunsets and Car Crashes. (emo?)
one guy with his acoustic guitar.
its a-mazing.


the I II III IV V etc is easy
for exampple if A was the I chord, then B is II, C is III etc...

well thats my understanding of it.
possibly wrong though
very possibly....
yellow ledbetter by pearl jam
the general by dispatch
no rain by blind melon
footsteps by pearl jam
she talks to angels by the lack crowes
landslide by samshing pumpkins

are some good choices