The Bridge Saddles of my Strat.

How do I adjust them correctly?
How do I know they're correct?
Do they really matter and make that big of a difference in your tuning?

I just bought a brand new strat, the saddles have never been touched, they're all in a straight line no adjustments made... Help me out.

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They're for adjusting your intonation. If you play the harmonic on the 12th fret, and then fret the same string at the 12th fret, the note should be the same. If not it means you need to adjust them.
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The saddles control the intonation and the action height. If they're just in a straight line, chances are the intonation is off. Here's a good starting guide on how to check and adjust your intonation. Intonation

As for action height, that can easily be adjusted by raising or lowering each individual saddle. Just use that allen wrenches that (should have) came with your guitar to raise and lower the two screws on each saddle. The best way to set your action would be to match the radius of the neck with the height of each saddle. Use this template to check what your neck radius is and adjust the saddles to match the radius of the neck. This way you'll get the same action height for each string, making it a lot easier to play. I would suggest doing this the next time you change strings, that way you don't have to take off and ruin the strings that are on the guitar now.

Hope this helps.
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Thanks, this information is going to help alot.

Ive just noticed that every different guitar has their saddles in a different position from the other, it throws me off lol.

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