I think you have an awesome guitar, I also think that you could have picked a song that hasn't been covered by 6.000.334.455 people thus making it a little boring to watch since everybody knows this song by heart now..

Also, your playing is very good (just putting a compliment there )

9/10 by me
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How can you make a Dean sound that bad? Good playing, but the tone.... no no

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what is a solo?
Yeah the tones not great, but I also have a good guitar and crap amp, so my tone is usually just as badXD Your playing's really good, pretty clean. I've heard this song to much though, it's almost white noise to me half the time, it's great if you haven't heard it for a while.

Here's mine if you want:
its hard to tell with the actual song going but the parts i can hear you its good
tone is kinda ****y but i know how amps can be i dont even use mine to record

i go straight through the pedal board lol

and learn the basic frame of the solo and just improv it

as far as the end goes yeah its an odd bit but you will get it with practice
sounds like you did fine to me though

anyways good cover overall check out mine Crit?

learn the little change in the "searcheeeeeen seek and destroy" that i do it makes it more fun to play that way
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