Can anyone recommend me a good Hum-Sing-Hum setup for my RG350EX? The genre I like to play is Heavy Metal. If you need anymore information, ask away!
might be easier to ask the dudes that make the pickup, well if you want to match up the same manufacturers stuff at any rate they can give you at least a clue as to the right set
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I'd just get new 'buckers, unless you use the 2nd and 4th positions on your selector a LOT. For your genre, look at DiMarzio D-Activators (neck and bridge) or Evos, or Semore Duncan Blackouts (if you're into active pickups).

This is assuming you have a good amp! If you don't, the $250 is MUCH better spent on a new amp. What amp do you have?
I don't use an amp. What I have is good enough. I use a 1000 watt stereo mixer. 500 watts are on each speaker. For a preamp I use a zoom g2.1u.
Don't bother changing pickups then, it's not going to make any difference - there's no amp there for the pickups to interact with.

Seriously, get a proper amp, your setup is a oneway ticket to crappy tone, it may be 1000 watts but that's nothing to get excited about if it's not designed for the job you want it to do.
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