Today one of the cooks at my work who plays guitar was telling me that he was selling 4 Behringer cabs that he had for studio and gigging because he got a nice PA system and doesnt need 4 4X12 cabs. He is asking $150 per cab because they are a few years old. I was thinking about getting 2 of them and plugging them into the external speaker output in my Peavey XXX. My question is are Behringer cabs as terrible as some of the other things they make (I mainly know about them through my friends ****ty starter pack which is a POS strat copy), or would this be a good deal? Ill most likely pounce on this offer and get at least one, because you can't really go too wrong with a 4X12 cab for $150. And if they arent that amazing would a new quad of speakers make them sound better, or does the construction have anything to do with it? Thanks.
All I can tell you is that I've had one of the 4x12 cabs for a year at least, and it hasn't broken yet.

A bit ago, I sold it to a friend of mine for $180 and he uses it to this day, currently with a Crate Powerblock, and now he's buying a new head.

So basically, at 75w, it will last you a year at least using it every day.

The sound is good for the price.

I wouldn't buy two of them, but I do think new speakers would make it sound better.
Cool, well Im thinking about getting 2 so I can either have them daisy chaned together to get a stack, or possibly getting a small amp like an EVJ and using one for the XXX and one for that, then use an A/B pedal to change between the 2, Im still not sure. The seller said he would like to sell the 2 of them together, so Ill probably go that route. Thanks a lot, I was worried about their reliability.
They're alright... I guess.

Their stock speakers sound like crap (imo). If I were you, I'd just get an Avatar 4x12, not much more and will have much better build and speakers, last you a lot longer.
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At that low of a price they have to be using the cheapest speakers, your better off saving for an Avatar and get real Celestions or Eminences. Seriously a speaker is not just a speaker! I know it looks great, but theres a reason things cost what they do. Also I know that they do not have a good quality record, they basically make it as cheap as possible.

EDIT: I know for a fact that as far as cabs go if you just build a box out of plywood it will sound terrible, there is more to it than you think. And they have to be just right if your getting closed back, and honestly I think Marshall lacks in quality of build in closed backs. But big names [Marshall/Mesa] actually design their cabinets around specific speakers!
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I have a couple of the older ones...like when they first came out with the 4x12s and they rock. The newer ones are really cheap and have really REALLY crappy speakers (those Bugeras or whatever theyre called). The old ones like mine are really heavy, very well built, and come stock with Jenson speakers which arent half bad. The older ones have a pretty good frequency range...nothing is really lost or boosted in the tone.

All of these good things are of course about the older versions...not the newer ones. The new one are crap.
^Yeah these things are about 6 or 7 years old, so would that be considered the older speakers? And thats the reason they are so cheap. He said that the cabs cost him $300 a piece when he bought them, so hes selling them for half the price just because he needs the room.
They still sell the Jenson speakers in them, those are the ones I was talking about. I'm guessing he is offering you the ones with Jensons.

When I bought the cab, it cost me $280, so if he bought them before that they were probably more than that, so ask him if he knows if they are the jenson speakered ones, or the ones with whatever the hell speakers the have now, for only $30 less brand new anyways

I would say don't buy them, and instead spend the $300 on a better cab.
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^Yeah these things are about 6 or 7 years old

Thats about how old mine are. Id say plug into them and crank em up before you buy em.
you should definately try before you buy. you could always ask if you can see inside and check out the speakers.

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Ok, well Im gonna try them out for a while. He told me that I could borrow them the next time I go into work, then just hang onto them until I decide if I want them or not. Chances are Ill pick them up as they are pretty cheap, and just upgrade the speakers when I find spare cash if they are really that bad.