I've been playing for maybe 3-4 years and I'm finally looking at getting a new bass. I'm looking to spend maybe around £250-£600. I don't really want to go higher, but if something is really just right, I might go a bit higher.

I play all sorts of different music and lots of different techniques like slapping, tapping and strumming. So I need a bass that is versatile and will be able to sound good with different styles and techniques.

Range is important to me, my current one is a 24 fret and I don't want to loose any range (if possible I want to extend it). But I don't really want to have a 5 or 6 string. Is this going to narrow my options a lot?

(Also, if possible I'd like the bass to be light, but this comes after the other things on my list)
try out the Ocean TB70 at guitar center

its light, versatile, 24 frets, good for slap n pop, tapping, and strumming
its also in your price range

EDIT: also look at the ibanez ATKs, there pretty good too and worth every penny

theres a sale at guitar center Dec 7-9 for 10% off any bass so i would go look there on those dates
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Several Ibanez basses will fit your bill and are on the lighter side, but they are not for everyone. The Fender Jazz V 24 sounds like it would also fit your specs nicely.

My advise is to take your requirements and your budget and get down to a good shop and start trying some basses. Good luck!
That's a pretty wide price range. Do you already have a decent amp? If not it might be worth considering putting some of the money towards a new amp.

There are plenty of basses under £600 that are decent quality and 24 frets. Aside from the Fender Jazz 24 you should try Yamaha, Ibanez and the Warwick Corvette.
I agree with smb in that you should get a new amp before anything. If you have an excellent amp already than I highly recommend the Fender Jazz 24 as well. I would also throw out the Ibanez SR500, as well as every other bass in your price range at Sam Ash or whatever guitar store you have kicking around.
Warwick Corvette

Ibanez SR-500

Schecter Stiletto Elite 4

I would try these three out first if I had that sort of money. I don't think you can get an active Warwick Corvette for under £600. I'd check though. I'd also take a look on Spector's website, they do some nice 4 stringers with the EMGs on them.

Edit : Thought I'd give him links to the instruments mentioned (UK links) so TS could get an understanding of the prices .

Fender Jazz 24

My random choice to look at...

To the person who replied with the Ibanez ATK suggestion ; I didn't think they made a 24 fret ATK. I'll have a look though.

PS - Sound Control seem to be a little over priced.
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