As all the Guitar Pro users out there know, the RSE sounds awesome in Guitar Pro 5. But what sucks is that only you get to hear it, none of your friends that don't have Guitar Pro can hear the nice RSE version instead they get to hear the crappy midi you can export into. I need to know if there is a way to export the Guitar Pro 5.2 files into something that retains the sound of the RSE to send to a friend so he can hear a song I'm writting in Guitar Pro. No, he doesn't live anywhere near me and no he can't/wont buy Guitar Pro just to hear my song xD. Can anyone help?
He could download a torrent with a crack but that's illegal and pretty much all he could do without buying the program.
there is one way that i know of and it involves audacity (google it if you dont know what that is). this program allows you to record any sound coming out of you computer (if your sound card is compatible/able to do it) so you can record what you hear coming out of you speakers (no mic needed). it will export the song/sound file that you recorded into a .wav format or an .mp3 format. but if you want something exported to midi, then i wouldnt know what program will use RSE for midi's

if you dont know how to record the sounds coming out of your computer (when you have audacity) just post here again.

btw, you could use this method to record songs off of youtube, myspace and any other place that doesnt allow you to download songs (like rhapsody too)
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He could download a torrent with a crack but that's illegal and pretty much all he could do without buying the program.

Love a bit of torrents hehe. Yeah use a program like Audacity which can record it perfectly.
Also you can export the song in wav format by gp but it usually sucked and did not work.
So let's talk about "Jet Audio".It's great for recording.
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Thanks all, I'm going to get Audacity and try that... and yea sure he could download it but not everyone has high speed ya know xD
uhm..i have the same problem..could someone please explain in a more detaled fashion? in other words: bumpity bump.

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Hey could you tell me how to do that? I have Audacity and have had for ages but I didnt know you could do that!
Aha, got it working with Audacity... I couldn't find anything in the setting that would just tell it to record what my computer was sending to the speakers so I took a cable and ran it from the headphones/speaker jack to the microphone jack and recorded. Thanks
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Could someone tell me how to even get RSE to work?

my RSE option wouldnt work either for awhile. After searching i found there are seperate install files for RSE sounds for the diff instruments. so go back to the guitar pro files, and install the RSE pack for the guitar. After that open it up and youll have to go to the track tab up top then instruments. and for the guitars, youll have to check the use RSE option instead of the use MIDI option for RSE to work properly. hope this helps.
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you dumbasses xD go to your sounds and audio devices settings in the control panel and set your default recording device to 'stereo mix'. Now turn down your 'wave' volume pretty low so that when recording you don't get distortion.

Now just open your tab in guitar pro and go to file, export, then wave, and play the tab all the way through with the RSE on. Simple.
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i downloaded Guitar pro 5.2 with RSE, but when i install it, it doesnt have RSE installed.
But the folder that i downloaded has it. so i cant seem to get it in the actual program. Any suggestions?
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