Im looking for a decent Metal amp around 500-600 dollars. Im looking at a randall rg100g3. Ive never played one but ive read some reviews and i heard they sound pretty hardcore. I am really intrested in a amp with some of the distortion of trivium, shadows fall, arch enemy, disturbed and pantera. Some of that metal. Please help me find a amp
RG50TC if your into that. are you wiling to go used?

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RG50TC does seem the better one to get new,,,,i'm getting one lol
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Randall RG50TC
those new vox AD50VT-XL are good. they are like the heaviest voxes ever
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He can get a f-50 or 6505 used, so why a hybrid amp? If you're going new I would second that Randall or a B-52.


Do me a favor.....go to GC......compare the vox ad 50 xl to the randall rg50tc,b-52,6505 and then tell me what you think of the vox then....
^^ damn straight.

i heard the vox xl's are worse than the original valvetronix, at everything basically.
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