ok guys, i have a first act strat and a ds-1 distorion pedal...i was wondering if anyone could lend advice for my next guitar, wat effects i NEED, etc. and yes i have an amp (some kind of stone combo). i can play alot of stuff, mostly centered around metal, so that stuff is wat ima looking 4. thxs if u can help!
one of the mid-level jackson dinky's maybe? and an EHX metal muff if the ds-1 isn't doing it for you. If you're not completely satisfied with your amp, though, I'd reccommend getting a better one.
Don't worry about fancy gear right now. It's better to work on your chops before you buy all sorts of stuff. But I do have some suggestions for you:

Guitar: Something with humbuckers. Look at a schecter or an Ibanez.

Amp: Roland microcube. Great for metal, has some effects built in.

Effects: A wah, possibly? You don't really need any effects, I like think of them as bonuses. Just stay away from the metal zone.
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well, ESP and Jackson are usually safe bets if you're into metal and want to go outside of Fender/Gibson guitars. But if you have the time, you'd probably be best off going to a guitar shop and trying out some guitars. The brand isnt as important as the "feel" and sound of the guitar. I'd get rid of that first act as fast as you can

You'd probably also want to pick up a wah pedal and a flanger if you're looking for the more commonly used effects

You should also look into getting a nicer amp. It doesnt matter how great of a guitar you have or how many effects you have chained together, if your setup is crap then you sound like crap
ok thanks guys....i took most of the suggestions and bought a wah (ibanez wheeping demon to be specific)...it sounds pretty good....next im looking for the amp lol...im far from a guitar..i dont get an allowance like most kids do but im wokring on makin some....in the guitar depertment i found a pretty nice deal...a B.C. Rich warlock bronze, but it only cost me $50.. the only thing i had to do was loosen the tailpiece on it and it was fixed...but for a real guitar i was at a shop and i really like the ESP LTD KH-202 because its good for just about anything and a good price...but thx for the help guys!
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