Hey everyone, I've been playing guitar for about 3-4 years now, and recently my bridge pickup has been "weak" sounding. There is absolutely no body to the sound on that pickup (the others are ok) and since thats the pickup i used most often, this is a problem.
Ive tried adjusting the pickup height etc but that has done nothing, the pickup is extremely trebley with no body to the sound at all. Is it possible that the pickup is actually "broken" or is the wiring just messed up. I haven't really done much in terms of guitar customizing, just mainly focused on playing.

I'm playing an Ibanez RG 470, stock pickups

should i just take it in to a tech to have the whole thing rewired, or is there a chance that the pickup is fully damaged?
I'm not sure at all, but, I would say that maybe it's your battery that is low...
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I'm not sure at all, but, I would say that maybe it's your battery that is low...

Maybe i should have mentioned, im using passive pickups... no battery
i'm pretty sure it's a wiring/jack problem. i'd doubt a magnet would stop working.

although the pickup coil wire might just split out of nowhere.
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take a look to see if there are any loose wires connecting to either the volume pot or the pick up switch. If so there is your problem. If not might as well take it to a tech.
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i am going to say that its a problem with wiring , probably has an open source somewhere and the current is escaping.
Alright, good to know that its probably a wiring problem.

thanks to everyone that posted, ill check and recheck everything to see if i can fix it.
Super thin, no body sound is definitely one of the four PU's wires no longer soldered down to its corresponding point. It's most likely the ground. It can't be the "hot" wire since it would not make any sound in that case. The other two wires should be soldered and taped together so that probably isn't it either - so, the ground wire. You could also just have a lose input jack that has flopped around enough make a wire separate from it.
I'd personally put money on it being the selector switch, it's either dirty or on the way out. Give it a quick blast with some servisol contact cleaner and see if that helps.
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