Hey again, i've pretty much finished this song. i just want some input before i fine tune it. I hope this song ends up worthe the listen, i like it.

P.S. there is a problem with the ending. it fades out too early and i'm not really sure how to fix it...but it's close enough :\ i think i have to redo the whole thing... -_-"

C4C and such..Thanks ahead of time
:\ i guess thats a "no, we hate your song so much we're not going to even reply."
Don't worry dude, I have the same problems with lack of comments lol, so I'll do you a favour.

All in all I really like this, at some point it sounds really orchestral, which I really like in metalcore and metal in general, I would love to hear this played with some drums and bass behind it, possibly even some synth, I think it would sound really good.

Could you please comment on my bands first song here, if you have time
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I like it. But I don't really hear the Death Metal in it lol. The acoustic peice around bar 80 is awesome. I don't really like the part around bar 100 though. Bar 128 is kind of... eh IMO. Tapping outro is pretty cool. I can't really help you improve except for doing something with the acoustic part around 100, other than that is wonderful.

c4c? Top one in sig please.
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killswitch engage has some dissonant riffs, they're kind grindcore tho

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:\ i guess thats a "no, we hate your song so much we're not going to even reply."

Don't worry about it, if somebody takes the time to listen to your song they will most likely leave some form of crit. I usually have a hard time getting crits and I'm a pretty regular user here.

Now for you're song.

I like the acoustic intro, it had almost a spanish feel to it. It got even better with the layering of the second guitar. The transition into the distorted part at 17 was a little bit shaky, but I hate the use of rallantandos anyways, so it might just be me. The distorted variation on the acoustic is very good. I like how you use full chords, it adds a certain originality into the song that is hard to find these days. I like the next part at 25, too. This almost reminds of Opeth, only more major-key sounding. I liked the riff at 33 as well. The layering over that riff is good, but you might be overusing that chord progression from the main riff. Try ysing some different chords every now and then. I thought the part at 49 was a little off. Try putting it up an octave, it will probably sound better. The part at 56, again, is overusing that same progression. The little solo left a lot to be desired. It had potential, but I don't think you utilized it enough. The acoustic at 73 added a nice ominous atmosphere that contrasted the melodic parts before nicely. The layering, again, was good. It added some variation on the riff. The riff at 123 sounds very familiar. I've heard a very similar riff in a Trivium song. I don't remember which one, though. I think it's Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation, but I'm not sure. The part at 128 seemed out of place. I think a different transition would sound better. The arpeggio part afterwards, and the tapping at 140 sound off, too. I thknk you should scrap that whole last part and repeat something from earlier in the song to give it a definite ending that doesn't trail off as it ends. I'd say I loved about half the song, then the rest got a little wonky. I would work on making the entire song consistently good, even if that means cutting a couple riffs. It's better to have a good song al the way through then to have an amazing song that trails off.

Whew, now that I've written a novel on your song, mind giving one of mine a look?
Onebetter's song