i had exams so i didn't play my amp for a while
when i came back it didn't work turns out there was some sorrta distrubance and i changed the broken fuse
but it sounds kinda different, maybe its from the storm maybe it was not
its kinda reallly cold and trebly and when i use my distortion pedal it sounds alot fuzzier and weak and less tight. Its also alot softer than what it use to be in terms of volume
I had it set up a while ago, and i looked at the power tubes they "LOOKed" alright and the preamp tubes looked not as bright maybe thats how they are meant to be
Btw. My amp is a Seymore Duncan 84-50 quadratone amp
Did it start sounding different after you got it set up/ new tubes?
From your description it sounds like it was biased colder. Maybe have everything checked out again.

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nah it was good with the new setup
it was set up nicely yea i was thinking of cehcking it again but i dun think i will
if its a small issues i'll fix it myself if not i'll go ahead and buymyself a brand spanken new amp