I talked to my father and for Christmas he agreed to getting me a kit to build my own amplifier ( im ordering from weber, i realize i may have to swap out the jacks and switches). I now am stuck between building a 36 watt tmb marshall or a marshall 1987... for music styles i like to play classic rock ( zeppelin, hendrix, ten years after, pink floyd though i realize only way to get his tones is a hiwatt, that kinda stuff) blues ( both clean and with a little grit to it) and i like to have nice cleans for when my band wants to do a warm clean trippy song, which one of the amps would be better for these styles. thanks for the help. btw i cant listen to samples due to a blown audiocard and i cant exactly try them out ( theres a gc near me but these will sound a lil different i assume )
- caleb
im currently in awe of the idea of a ceriatone kit of a matchless dc-30 for about 600 USD.

i'd go for the 1987. would seem a lot more versitile to me, even though it may not pull off pink floyd-hiwatt tone as well, but thats all in your hands imo.
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