i'm doing a project on the ramayana (indian story) and i'm going to make a cartoon and do the celebrity voices myself. i already want to do cheech marin for lakshmana, but i don't know who should be the other characters. what do you think? here are the other characters for my project

rama (hero)
sita (damsel in distress)
surpanakha (witch who kidnaps sita)
ravana (demon & surpanakha's brother)
maricha (demon who turns into a golden deer)
Rama - Swarzenegger
Sita - Fran Drescher (or however you spell it)
Surpanakha - Cher
Ravana - Gollum
Maricha - Sylvester Stallone

You can exchange any of these with Puddy from Seinfeld as well.
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