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i need help with coming up with lyrics i cant think of topics.

I'd recommend writing about experiences you've had in life, or something you know alot about. Things like a holiday you really enjoyed, maybe write about friends or family.
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Easiest place to start, in my experience anyways: Write about dreams. It will give you a concrete starting point, that is already sort of unrealistic... and then you can let your imagination just run with the scene your dream paints. Say you remeber having a dream where you are sitting in a white room... and there is one black trash bin across the room:
You have a scene... now write about going in for surgery or how you have been arrested and this is the interrogation chamber but you've been arrested for somethig you didn't do, etc... etc... etc.

Start with a scene... build it up, and then just make something happen in it. Then go back through and try to clean your writing up, make it poetic, make it original and non-cliche...

There is no right way to write, no limit to what you can write, and no one can do it for you. Start with something like this... writing about something non-personal and something you can make up as you go along to build skill while being able to manipulate the picture you are painting... then when you move to personal stuff or real life, which you can't just change to your liking, you'll be more likely to succeed.
Close your eyes and look back in the things that you've experienced in the past. read a story of a certain person and try to capture that person's life in a song.
I know what it's like getting writer's block man
but I discovered a way to get past that
these days i tend to write lyrics to guitar parts
ill sit there and play the riff and see what lyrics come up in my head
horse the band wrote and entire album about pizza they once ate. it was so good they wrote like 8 songs about it.
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listen to metal.
if it helps at all, write a story about something example to charich every moment or how your not afraid to fall, or about a girl you like. Lets pick that one, you like this girl, right? not write a story about her, like how you stare at her or the way you love the smell of her perfume (It dosen't need to ryhm) just right a story with paragraphs. later cut out some stuff out of the story to make it sound more of a song. and Walla! you have just made a love/desperate love song hope this is helpful enough?!?!

Keep up the writting