Intro #6 slow

I made this awhile back but never posted it here. I wrote this watching tv lol. Its probably not great but its still something. I later recorded it and thought maybe this might be good in someone elses ears. So just wanted to know what u guys think thanks C4C
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Hm, I don't realy know what to say. It has potetial to become nice at this moment it is just a bunh of tracks laid over each other and it isn't synch or perfectly in tune as far as i hear.

I think there is much to improve. Try recording the different tracks using a clicktrack or a metronome first and compose it lateron. That way you will hear the major and more importantly the minor mistakes made in the recording and gives you insight in how to improve your own sound.

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turn the main guitar up, and maybe turn distortion down just a little. then play with a metronome to get your timing problems fixed. kinda try to improve your tone. and try to get all the tracks synched together nicely so if will be smooth. keep it up, u have alot of good stuff to work with here.
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