Hi i've had my strings on my Epiphone Special 2 for 2 months soon and well they have started to rust a bit and well i'm thinking about chaning them all. Which should i buy, is there any diffrence and witch size, can diffrent strings give diffrent sounds ? I mostly play Green Day, Blink 182 and Sum 41.

You'll want to get at least .10s, because your guitar has a 24.75" scale and .09s would be quite loose-feeling on there. As for which you should buy, it's all personal preference, really. Some like Ernie Ball, some like Dean Markley, some like Rotosound. Personally, I recommend Rotosound or d'Addario. They're pretty good for me, at least.
yes there are big differences in sizes (widths) and styles, although most electric ones are similar. I'd recommend 9s, meaning the gauge of the smallest string is 9. something like Ernie Ball Super Slinkys. they are quality strings and cheap as dirt. the fact that they are a little on the thinner side lets you solo and play a little easier too. if you need a guide to restringing it.... youtube that **** fo sho.

EDIT ^^ not sure how it'd end up with a slightly smaller scale as he mentioned, but I think it'd be alright still.
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Thinner strings make it harder for pickups to ... pick it up but are easier on the fingers
thicker strings require you to build up more calluses, give a better tone tho imo

no less than 10.. try 11s

Since you play greenday etc, it makes no difference what strings you have
Different strings are not going to change your sound in any drastic way, save for the extra brightness and "zing" you'd get from any new strings - just get a gauge you're comfortable playing.
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